Sugar Beet Pulp

What is Sugar Beet Pulp?

Unicom offers two different kinds of sugar beet pulp pellets (SBPP) for cattle: Molassed with approximately 30% molasses and unmolassed. Both kinds of SBPP derive most of their energy content from the special sugar beet fiber, consisting mainly of easily digestible cell wall material. This results in a balanced digestion, providing as much energy as many concentrates.


Feeding cattle energy through SBPP rather than starch based feeds results in a more stable pH in the rumen, which is especially important for high yield dairy and beef cattle. SBPP are equally suitable for dairy cattle and beef cattle.

Molassed SBPP

Molassed SBPP are a high quality feed made from sugar beets. The dried beet pulp is mixed with 30% molasses and pressed into pellets. Naturally sweet from the added molasses, Molassed SBPP is rich in energy and aids digestion. The pellets have a high content of beet fibers and plant cell wall material.

Packaging and Storage
Packaging and Storage

Because every business has its own unique needs, we offer a variety of packaging and shipment options. We also offer solutions that is tailored to your country’s regulations and restrictions, making sure to fulfill all your orders and requirements safely and efficiently.